How to solve the transmission noise problem of BMW 5-series and 7-series automatic gearbox


Here is the link of the product we need to use below

We need to use BMW ICOM NEXT to diagnose if the car is faulty, handle the problem, and then clean the small parts.

The gearboxes of the BMW 5-series and 7-series 6-speed electronic gears often show a “click” sound when starting up, sometimes a transmission alarm, restarts and normal, these problems are annoying, these faults are called “errors.” The start of the gear is because the transmission control system components leaked or stuck, the positioning valve could not reach the predetermined position quickly, and some points need to be checked during maintenance.

1 wire harness plug is in good contact,

2 gearbox filter element can not be blocked (4S says life-long replacement is not reliable, half of the BMW gearbox fault is caused by no maintenance variable blockage),

3 cups (or call copper) wear, oil leak,

4 body stuck,

5 main hydraulic plunger and buck plunger worn,

6 gearbox data not appropriate.

We will share the solutions below.

This is the harness plug gland. Aging oil leakage will affect the contact performance of the harness plug and replace it directly.

This is the gearbox filter element and the oil pan, where the finger is an original watermark. The long-term use of the gearbox will produce some impurities inside, magnetic will be adsorbed on the two magnets, non-magnetic will accumulate in the filter element with the circulation of the oil, and the filter plugging will affect the passage of the oil and cause various difficult faults.

The quality of the filter can not be judged by the eyes, can only be detected through the special instrument test flow. Do not use branded oil sump. This kind of oil base uses finer filter paper than the original to achieve better filtration effect, but it will severely shorten the service life. Therefore, you must use ZF6HP special oil and original oil base for maintenance. shell.

These inner wall copper-plated steel rims are the cups. They are wearing parts in the BMW 6HP series gearbox. The changes that occur after more than 80,000 kilometers of mileage will have to consider these things. These parts are inexpensive to install without special tools. Just pay attention to cleaning.

This is a positioning valve. If stuck or insufficient driving pressure, it will cause a start-up noise, and the valve body must be thoroughly cleaned during maintenance.

The valve body must be thoroughly cleaned, including the small parts inside.

Vacuum pressure testing of the plunger, if the pressure does not meet the standard, it must be replaced

This is a solenoid valve modulation plunger, also called a buck plunger.


This is the main hydraulic plunger. There are 3 versions in total and cannot be used. It is necessary to distinguish between them.