How to connect BMW ENET Cable with BMW ISTA Rheingold?


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This article tells you how to properly connect and set up the BMW ENET cable with the BMW ISTA Rheingold software!

step 1:
Use the ENET cable to connect the laptop/PC to the vehicle.
After that, go to Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network Connections.
Select the Ethernet connected to the vehicle and open the “Properties” screen.
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP) and click the Properties button.
Enter for the IP address, for the subnet mask, and then press the OK button.

Or if you install ISTA in VMWare, try the following:
Open the virtual network editor and disconnect all adapters for the host and subnet address Uncheck the “Connect the host virtual adapter to this network” box.

Step 2:
Open the car to ignite and run BMW ISTA Rheingold. Click the Settings button as follows:

Select the “VCI Config” tab and the “HO-ICOM ENET Local and ISIS Network” option and click the OK button.

Return to the main menu and click the action button. Select the “Read Vehicle Data” tab and click “Finish ID.”

Step 3:
Select your ENET connection from the list and click “Set up connection”

And wait for the vehicle recognition process to complete!

Or, after clicking the Settings button and selecting the VCI Config tab, there is another way:
Select the “HO-ICOM ENET Direct Connection” option and set the ENET mode with an empty IP address