BMW X5 key lost matching method


BMW X5 key lost matching method

Recently we have made a BMW X5 key matching, although the operation steps and methods are relatively simple. However, it may still be a bit tricky for a beginner.

After all, BMW is equipped with a high-performance anti-theft system. Therefore, we must pay attention and be careful when matching the keys. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble together, I will refer to the following article. Now I’ll share the key matching steps for the BMW X5:

  1. If the car’s key is lost, you need to replace the entire car’s cylinder. Needless to say this point, we can find the locksmith to do the key embryo or lock their own new car. The important thing is the second step.
  2. The above part of the mechanical lock is completed, it is necessary to carry out anti-theft system to match the write key.

We first find the anti-theft box, anti-theft box at the driver’s side, you have to disassemble the big iron plate at the driver’s foot to see, EWS3 fixed in the body.

After the security box to find the shell opened inside to find anti-theft cpu, model 0D46J.

We can use a dedicated instrument to read data to write the key, such as the BMW ICOM NEXT, ICOM A2 can read and write the cpu chip key.


  1. After the data is successfully read, according to the prompt of the matching software to write the new key to the cpu on it. Write the two start the key, start the car directly.

(Note: The above method also suitable for adding keys)





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