BMW 3 Series E90 chassis FRM footwell module repair new


This is a frequently encountered fault of BMW. The destruction of the BMW FRM footwell module will cause the headlights to lose control, to be on or off, to turn on the lights, to fail in the lift glass, and to fail to communicate with the device. If you go to 4S shop to repair, you need to replace the new FRM foot space module, high cost. Below we share the maintenance method of the foot space module, without replacement.

What is the cause of damage?

In-line programming, unstable power supply voltage (especially when the battery is losing power, when playing motor) can easily lead to damage to the foot space module! This damage is generally caused by the loss of CPU data in the module.

Processing method: rewrite a good data will be able to solve (some need to do coding)

For example: 11 years BMW 3 Series, E90 chassis.

We can use the programmer (VVDI, XP, CG100), according to the wiring diagram on the device, welding line. CPU model is: 9S12XEQ384, first read the data inside the CPU, you will find the read data are F, empty, the data has been lost ~

We only need to find a similar model, good data can be written back to it.

Under what circumstances to code, under what circumstances do not code?

Because there are FRMs (footstep modules) in the vehicle’s mission, there are many vehicles with different BMW missions. If the program written is exactly the same as the vehicle mission, no code is needed. Most of them are just for use. But sometimes it is not the same, there will be some fog lamp alarm or aperture flash, you need to code

Coded equipment we can use: BMW ICOM NEXT

Because BMW ICOM NEXT is easy to operate, simply follow the device prompts to go down one step at a time, which is relatively simple.

Now we finish BMW FRM footwell module coding.

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