BMW B series Coolant Loss: Where Is My Car’s Coolant Going?


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The most topical topic at the BMW Automotive Forum recently was the B48 coolant problem, that is, “the lack of coolant.” Not only did the problem occur in the B48, but the situation in the B58 was the same.

The role of “water-cooled intercooler”?
The B-Series engine was replaced with a “water-cooled intercooler” to increase cooling efficiency. By placing the intercooler on the upper part of the engine, the intake stroke is shortened, the intake time is reduced, and the turbo lag is further reduced.

However, such a design has a disadvantage that the center of gravity of the engine is increased and the engine structure is more complicated.

What are the hazards of missing? The impact on the car?
The loss of “coolant” in a large part of the owners is about 5,000 kilometers. Because BMW’s coolant uses a 50/50 mixture, the B-series engine burns more quickly because the combustion is hotter, and the cooling water is reduced.
Because of the complex design of this equipment, if the “water-cooled intercooler” breaks down, the cooling fluid will cause serious failure or damage to the engine. The loss will be enormous. At present, there are already BMW owners.

How to check? how to respond?
You don’t have to worry about the owner of your tank. Just check the tank. See the picture below:

The above picture shows the tank level, although the liquid level is normal, but the color of the liquid in the small tank has changed to brown (normally light blue-green, the cleanliness is clear without traces of oil can be suspended), the surface It is not clean because the pressurized gas carries the crankcase oil vapor and the contaminated coke is pressed into the coolant system from the leak point.

This is a highly dangerous situation. Owners with such problems should use the BMW ICOM NEXT as soon as possible. It!